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Have you ever seen a more beautiful dashboard? Rentastic displays all your data in a super simple, clean, and digestible format to show you exactly what you need -- how your business is performing.

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Trusted by investors to cover their assets

Join the dozens of other investors who trust Rentastic to manage their rental property expenses. Rentastic currently tracks tens of millions in real estate assets.

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Whether you prefer desktop or mobile, Rentastic has never been easier to use. Create an account, download the app, add your properties, link your bank accounts, and you're on your way. If you'd like to see an in-depth, step-by-step guide, you can access that below. Or, if you want, check out the quick demo video we created.

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These are only a few of the incredible features of Rentastic. Sign up to see everything else we have to offer.

Automatic Transactions

Link your bank accounts to automatically import new income and expenses.


Keep track of your properties and their values, both individually, and as a portfolio overall.

Scan Receipts

Gone are the days of storing receipts in a shoebox. Snap a picture, apply it to a transaction, done.

Taxes in seconds

Come tax time, use our automated reports to generate P&L statements in seconds.

Rentastic in Action

Our mobile app makes it incredibly easy to classify transactions and manage your business on the fly. Check out some of the screenshots below.

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